"Ralph has been more than an attorney over the years; he is a true business and legal knowledge center. He has assisted me in working through business and legal issues in the information technology field in a manner unmatched in the legal field. I recommend Ralph to everyone I meet!"

RMC, IT Professional

"Our family was involved in a complicated legal situation involving our late mother's estate. Two other attorneys had previously advised us that our case was hopeless, but Ralph provided a fresh perspective on the situation and was able to negotiate a very successful outcome for us. Throughout the process, Ralph was knowledgeable, perceptive, resourceful, diligent, and good-humored, displaying superior negotiating and mediating skills, great wisdom and patience, and an exceptional understanding of both law and human nature. Ralph is an outstanding attorney and we are deeply indebted to him for his wise counsel."


"I am the Chairman of the Committee of Legal and Technical Experts on Nuclear Security at the International Atomic Energy Agency of the UN. When I needed an advocate, Ralph was there for me. His skill, conscientiousness and creativity in representing me and getting my story told were truly outstanding. I will never forget all that Ralph did for me."

T.M. (Scientist)

"Ralph, Thanks for the opportunity to describe how important you have been to our company and to us personally. Your legal representation and advice on business matters has been invaluable to our home construction division and to our mining operation. For the past 25 years your focus on the big picture, on prevention and planning for the unexpected has been a huge factor in our growth. We think of you as one of our family. We truly could not have gone this far without you."

Construction Professional

"Our trucking company has been represented by Ralph for more than 20 years. The transportation business is a leading business activity indicator. Ralph was there to help guide us and keep our company thriving when things were going well and has been there to protect us individually when the transportation industry contracted and we were forced to close our business. Ralph was there through all of it and knows how to navigate. I consult with Ralph on just about everything business and personal."

W.H. (Logistics Professional)

"I have known Ralph for nearly 40 years. I have used his legal services in my business and personal matters. Ralph is always knowledgeable, professional and of great help in resolving whatever problem I was encountering. Our Company employees have used Ralph's legal services. It is difficult to find a highly competent attorney who you can rely onto care about you and your outcomes. If you have legal or business problems or need to prevent them, Ralph's the guy."

J.R (Restaurateur & Film Producer)

"I've known Ralph for over 15 years and I've had the opportunity to rely on him for advice in matters both professional and personal. He has become my most valued counselor. His wisdom reaches far beyond the legal implications or concerns of a situation. I have a deep appreciation for the advice he provides and our friendship which has resulted from our professional relationship."

K.S.(Financial Professional)

"I was involved in a lawsuit with my former business partner. I lost the case and was hit with legal fees that were more than three times what I had expected and budgeted. Ralph represented me in an arbitration of the resulting legal fee claim and the award was substantially less than the claim. The outcome was very satisfying. I strongly recommend Ralph as an attorney who will look out for your business and financial best interests, and who is not afraid to take on another attorney. If you want an attorney who is a 'pull-no-punches' guy, a good advocate and a good advisor who will look out for your best interests, you won't be disappointed."

P.G. (CFP - Retired)