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Business Law Attorney Serving Dayton, Ohio

Seasoned Ohio Attorney Handles a Range of Business Law Issues

Respected Dayton Lawyer Assists Owners with Formation Matters, Contracts, and Disputes

Most people who own companies are busy managing the daily tasks of doing business and do not have time to perform in-depth legal research about the pros and cons of different operational strategies. From the office of Ralph A. Skilken Co. LPA in Dayton, Ohio, I help business owners in Dayton and beyond make smart decisions. Since opening my law firm in 1970, I have earned a reputation for providing clear, reliable guidance to clients for business formation, taxes, liability, contract creation, breach of contract cases, transactions, and other matters of business law. No matter the size of your company or your business goals, I am committed to protecting your best interests.

Trusted Counselor Helps Businesses Establish Limited Liability Companies and Corporations

There are various steps involved in establishing a new business, from registering with the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Department of Taxation to reporting new hires and securing workers’ compensation coverage.

It is important to know that different liability and taxation rules apply depending on the type of business entity you choose. I will sit down with you to discuss your current business and your plans for the future. Depending on your needs and the nature of the business, I can help you form a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), or nonprofit organization. I can also advise you on registering a trade name for your sole proprietorship or general partnership.

Skilled Guidance for Your Business

Skilled Dayton Attorney Helps Clients Navigate Contract Issues

Well-written, detailed contracts are an essential asset for any business. My firm assists with all types of contract matters, including:

  • Buy and sell agreements — It is crucial to set clear terms for contracts between business owners that specify how shares will be treated if one owner leaves the company. I draft and review these agreements with your best interests in mind.

  • Employee contracts — To make your company’s needs and expectations clear, I draft employee contracts that specify each party’s role and meet important contingencies. These agreements can include noncompete and nondisclosure clauses, among other protections.

  • Breach of contract — If an employee or business partner fails to uphold their end of a contract, your business may experience negative consequences, including financial loss. I work to keep responsible parties accountable for their promises. When appropriate, I negotiate settlements for monetary damages. If a settlement can’t be reached, however, I deliver assertive representation for you in court.

To prevent you from pouring your valuable time into handling contract or employee disputes, I prioritize efficient, trustworthy methods of problem-solving so that you can concentrate on your day-to-day operations.

Help with Business Law Issues

As the sole attorney at Ralph A. Skilken Co. LPA in Dayton, Ohio, I provide personalized attention to business owners in need of legal guidance. To arrange for a consultation with a qualified business lawyer, call my office or contact me online. I represent clients in Dayton and surrounding areas.