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Closely Held & Family Owned Business

In closely-held, and especially in family businesses, it is critical to have agreed written job descriptions for all key people and to regularly evaluate and record performance.

  • To begin your start-up business, instead of putting the documents together yourself using on-line services, call our office for special competitive start-up fees arrangements.
  • We can give you chapter and verse regarding the business disputes our office has litigated, and if you are an established business, our office can help you dispute-proof your business.
  • Contact our office to discuss an annual in-house legal counsel agreement at fixed fees.

Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning includes using appropriate entities to compartmentalize liability, review of insurance coverages, appropriate decisions about titling and transfer of assets, use of spendthrift and legacy trusts.

  • Our office can provide a liability exposure review at a reasonable fixed fee

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Even though “avoiding probate” is desirable and to best do that every client needs a will, a trust, a durable power for health care and a living will. These are essential base-line estate documents that should be reviewed annually. Estate planning includes a careful analysis of jointly-owned property, insurance policies, asset beneficiary-designation forms, and payable on death contracts. That analysis is essential to see that the client’s objectives are accomplished.

  • Our office can provide a set of base-line estate documents at a reasonable fixed fee.
  • Our office can provide an analysis of your assets and current estate plan at reasonable hourly rates.


Litigation Management

A litigation risks analysis can reduce your litigation risk to a minimum through a careful review and through carefully-drawn business documents that provide for alternative methods of resolving disputes, and by accurate well documented business communications. A written litigation plan, that includes benchmarks for decisions about the litigation, is essential to successful cost-effective litigation results.

  • Our office can provide written criteria for decisions about litigation that your business is involved in.


The best litigation tactic is to avoid it. Litigation in today’s court system is crushingly expensive, and if required, must be carefully managed and reserved only for far-ranging and significant matters.

  • Call our office to schedule a discussion on strategies and documents that will help litigation-proof your business.
  • Our office can provide a litigation review that includes 12 items outlining litigation billing requirements
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